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Xenses Price

Xenses Price

Xenses Admission

Xenses Admission

Facilities and Services at Xenses

Facilities and Services at Xenses

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Xenses Activities

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Xenses Promotions

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Xenses Packages

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Additional Information

Xenses Price

Which is the admission price to Xenses?

The admission price to Xenses is available at here. You can add round-trip transportation from your hotel at the moment of purchase.

Which is the admission price to Xenses for children?

The admission price to Xenses for children is 25% off on the regular adult ticket price. Children up to 4 years old enter for free.

Does the tickets to Xenses include food?

Your tickets to Xenses does not include food since it is a half day park. However, there is a Xnack where you can buy beverages and snacks.

How can I get the best price for Xenses?

We recommend you to check our seasonal promotions and purchase your admission with 21 days or more in advance to get 15% off.

Xenses Admission

Does the entrance to Xenses include transportation?

No, transportation to Xenses is only included if you purchase a TOUR, which is provided from Cancun or Riviera Maya.

What does the admission to Xenses include?

Your admission to Xenses includes:

Half day experience in two paths of activities and more than 50 fantastic scenarios:
  • Pinwheel, the departure point where the magic begins.
  • Path of Feeling: a fun Way of Dwarfs and Giants; different ecosystems in pitch black darkness at Xensatorium; a walk beneath the Earth in the Labyrinth of Underground Arteries; a place full of nature in The Eden; and a refreshing Xitric Garden in this trail known before as Consensible Circuit.
  • Path of Doing: get wondered with a big red Heartbeat; an original and nonsensical Town; a waterslide in Slip; a hover in the sky in Bird Flight; floating down the stream in Riverlaxing; and getting covered in mud from head to toe in the Sludgerie.
  • Incredible moments in visual games, optical illusions, and fantastic scenarios.
  • A Giftery to purchase very special souvenirs.
  • The Xnack area to delight yourself with tasty snacks and regain your energy (with extra cost).
  • Lockers, restrooms and showers.
  • ATM and WiFi.
  • Free parking.

What happens if I cannot take my printed coupon?

To have access to Xenses, you just have to present your coupon at the park ticket offices or to your tour operator before boarding the bus that will take you from your hotel or meeting point.

Can I show my purchase coupon on a tablet or mobile instead of a printed one?

Yes, you can present your digital coupon at the Xenses ticket booths with an official I.D. with photograph.

Facilities and Services at Xenses

Which are the schedules for Xenses?

There are different schedules for Xenses, depending on your admission. It is a half day park and opens Monday to Saturday. If you come on your own, you can access between 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM.

If you buy your tickets with transportation, the morning schedule is to access between 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM, to board the bus back to your hotel from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. If you choose the afternoon schedule, access is from to 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM to leave the park between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

What recommendations do you have to visit Xenses?

Between the recommendations for visiting Xenses, we suggest you dress with light clothing and bring shorts, a swimsuit, water shoes, as well as a change of clothes and a towel.

Can I enter Xenses with food or beverages?

It’s not allowed to enter with food or beverages into Xenses is not allowed. You will find inside the park where you can buy a delicious snack or something to drink.

Can I enter with my baby food?

Yes, you can access Xenses with food for a baby like milk formulas, baby food, etc.

How to get to Xenses?

If you are searching how to get to Xenses, you must drive south from Cancun through the Chetumal - Puerto Juárez Federal Highway. After passing Playa del Carmen, the exit is about 6 mi (10 km) away, and Xenses Park has free parking. You can also add round-trip transportation from your hotel at the moment of purchase.

Is there wheelchair access to Xenses Park?

Yes, there is wheelchair access to Xenses. However, some of the attractions do not offer the necessary features for wheelchair visitors to participate.

Are there lockers at Xenses?

Yes, the use of lockers at Xenses is already included with your admission.

Can I use any type of sunscreen or sunblock at Xenses?

No, we ask you to only use sunscreen and sunblock containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide at the park. Help us minimize the environment impact by using products without chemicals.

What type of clothing and footwear should I bring to Xenses?

We suggest you wear a swimsuit and comfortable closed shoes that can get wet or water shoes. You should also bring a change of clothes and a towel with you. Avoid using sandals or shoes that do not fit the ankle as it can fall in some activities.

Xenses Activities

What activities for children are there in Xenses?

The minimum age for Xenses is 5 years old and the activities are designed for the whole family. However, some of them may have height or weight restrictions.

What activities can I do in Xenses?

In Xenses, you can live an experience in complete darkness through different ecosystems in Xensatorium, fly on a zip-line in a horizontal position in Bird Flight, put your senses to the test in Town where you don't know if you are going up or down, slide on the Slip waterslide, and have a wonderful time at the fantastic scenarios.

How much do the activities in Xenses cost?

All activities in Xenses are already included with your admission. We suggest you purchase a photo package so that you can take a nice souvenir home and fully enjoy your visit to the park.

Xenses Promotions

Where can I get discount coupons for Xenses?

We recommend you to visit our deals section at Seasonal Promotions webpage.

Xenses Packages

What are the Xenses Packages?

You can purchase your Xenses Admission in package with other parks and tours by Grupo Xcaret. Choose the one that best fits you at the Xenses packages section and get an additional discount when purchase in a package.

Additional Information

Can I visit Xenses at this moment?

Yes, Xenses opens Monday to Saturday, including holidays. We hope to see you very soon and make your day an unforgettable moment.

What do I need to book my admission to Xenses?

If you are ready to purchase your admission to Xenses, choose the date of visit, add how many adults and children under 12 years old are coming with you. For your payment, you can use your credit card or PayPal account to then receive your purchase confirmation and coupon by email to present it with an official I.D. the day of your visit.