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Discover Xel-há

Near Tulum you will find Xel-Há, a place to flow with nature. Put on your snorkeling equipment and get ready to see the marine inhabitants of the cove, or dare to ride the waterslides of the Scenic Lighthouse, to walk on rope games, and to ride zip lines into refreshing waters. Xel-Há, the place "where water is born", awaits you.

Feel closer to heaven

From any point of Xel-Há you can admire unparalleled landscapes of jungle, crystal clear waters, and receive the sun, but it is the Scenic Lighthouse, 40 m (131 ft) tall, the point that brings you closer to the sky, so you can admire panoramic views of nature in all its splendor.

Welcome to the Hidden Wonder

Explore Natural Attractions

Snorkel freely in a river surrounded by mangroves, whose waters mix with the cove’s and flow into the Caribbean Sea. See different species of land and sea animals while enjoying fun activities for all ages. In addition, throughout your visit you can enjoy buffets serving Mexican and international food, as well as a domestic open bar.

Adrenaline, Fun, and Laughter

On your tour of the river, either floating on an inner tube or swimming, you will find the cliff of courage, five meters tall, that you can climb and then jump back into the water. You will also find activities that require coordination, strength, and endurance, in zip lines, swings, parallel ropes, and more.