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What to do in Tulum?

What to do in Tulum?

Find what to do in Tulum, the top destination in Latin America between artists and famous influencers!

Tulum is a village on the south side of Riviera Maya, next to the well-preserved Tulum Archaeological Site. It is also a perfect getaway to be in touch with nature, have a relaxing vacation, and discover the Mexican Caribbean.

Many travelers from all over the world come to these shores to have a yoga retreat, forget about city life, dive in the reef or meet new friends at a local bar or spend good times beach party with a DJ.

Tulum has accommodation for every budget, from hostels in the downtown area for guests traveling alone to charming boutique hotels that are ideal for relax and enjoy nature at its best. This beautiful beach destination is perfect for a romantic getaway, couples on their honeymoon or to celebrate an anniversary.

Tulum Activities If you are looking for Tulum activities, you find plenty of things to do. There are many restaurants with different specialties, from the traditional Mexican tacos to top gourmet restaurants. Spend a day at a beach club to relax and be in touch with nature. Tulum is famous for its culinary experiences and options for everyone. Find vegan options, farm-to-table dining, and many other restaurants.

You can also take a yoga session at the beach, or in a secluded place in the jungle or near a cenote, to get aware of the energy of the wild.

Find Tulum excursions too! There are nearby cenotes, archaeological sites, and even natural parks like Xel-Há. Tulum is an exceptional place to rest in a peaceful ambiance but close enough to many places.

Tulum activities
Tulum Tour | Archeological Site

Rent a bicycle and discover by your own some of the beaches in the hotel zone. Visit one of the bars or coffee houses in the area, or find that shopping in Tulum is exceptional! Discover exclusive boutiques offering handmade clothes and beautiful handicrafts created with natural elements such as wood, clay or stones.

One of the most thrilling Tulum adventures is kitesurfing, a perfect activity for windy days at the beach. By holding a huge kite and having a board attached to your feet, you can ride the waves and have big jumps.

There are also several snorkel tours which is a terrific option to dip into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and explore the coral reef. As part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second largest in the world, an astounding underwater landscape awaits.

It is home for hundreds of species, including sea turtles, giant lobsters, starfish, and many more.

Tulum is a fantastic destination for DJ parties. There are several festival all year round, including the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tulum Attractions

The top attraction in the area is the Maya vestiges of Tulum. This astounding archaeological zone is the only city built facing the Caribbean Sea, besides being surrounded by a stone wall on three of its sides.

As a key point in the Maya merchant route that allowed commerce between settlements in the Gulf of Mexico in the nowadays state of Tabasco to Central America, Tulum was built in a mangrove field that prevents an attack. The reef on the coastline made it almost inaccessible except from one narrow passage that only a few sailors knew.

The main pyramid is atop of a cliff, and it is the most photographed place in the whole Riviera Maya. The next time you take a Tulum tour, make sure you get one at this majestic site.

Close to Tulum town is Cobá, an astounding Maya city famous for having the tallest pyramid in Quintana Roo that you climb to the top and have a great view of the surrounding jungle. Walk or ride a bicycle along the ancient Maya roads called sac-bé, which connect to distant place such as Yaxhá, near Chichén Itzá.

On the outskirts of Tulum, you can find several cenotes of outstanding beauty. You can dip into its refreshing waters, and in some of them, you can snorkel for a while or even scuba diving.

Tulum Attractions | Xel-Há Park

One of the top Tulum attractions is only 30 min away: Xel-Há. This wondrous site in Riviera Maya is famous for its enormous inlet, plus being an all-inclusive park with unlimited snorkel, food, and beverages during your visit. It also has the best view of the Mexican Caribbean atop of the Scenic Lighthouse at 131 ft tall.

Tulum Attractions

Tulum is also an excellent departure point to discover the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Muyil archaeological zone is 14 mi south of downtown Tulum and has well-preserved remains built with details that remind the ancient Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala. Close to Muyil, there are two astounding lagoons: Chunyaxché and Nopalitos. These heavenly places are perfect to relax, taking pictures, and swim in its refreshing waters.

Tulum Tours | Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka’an is home for different species, including monkeys, jaguars, and other mammals. Driving by Tulum’s Hotel Zone, you get to Boca Paila which is a fishermen’s village within the reserve. There you can have a snorkel tour to discover the underwater landscape and with some luck, you can even watch dolphins in their natural habitat.

Start planning your upcoming vacation to the Mexican Caribbean and spend some days at Tulum, a destination that will help you disconnect from daily life. Are you ready for an unforgettable stay at paradise?

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