What is Xoximilco?

Xoximilco Cancún is a fun and complete Mexican party that kids and adults can enjoy on a picturesque Mexican gondola enlivened by a witty host, a mariachi, and traditional Mexican music. Try the most representative dishes of Mexican food and much more on board a floating party!

Enjoy traditional Mexican Music

A good Mexican party has good rhythms! Dance and sing to the sound of Mexican music: mariachi, banda, marimba, jarana, and norteño music. In addition, you will have tequila and beer open bar throughout the tour. Travel through Mexico by its music to dance the night away!


Taste the most delicious Mexican food

Before boarding the trajinera you will have to register, and the staff will tell you which embarkment is for your party. Also, during the tour you will enjoy authentic Mexican food and desserts to satisfy your cravings. Taste a selection of dishes from different parts of Mexico to have a bite of everything and take back home a fantastic memory of a great Mexican themed party.

Enjoy a family atmosphere at Xoximilco Cancún

In the company of family and new friends, at Xoximilco the Mexican party is for everyone. Dance and sing to the rhythms of a whole country and live a night full of Mexico’s festive side. Leave everything in the hands of your host, who will cheer you up to make you sing and dance, besides preparing some games to have lots of fun.

Discover the most festive side of the country with this Cancun party

The most famous Mexican party in Cancun awaits. Either if you come along with your friends or family, it is a great option to have fun together. Even if you visit Xoximilco by yourself, you can make new friends while enjoying Mexican dishes, beverages, and live traditional music.