Tours in Cancun and Tours in Riviera Maya

Mexico is a beautiful country rich in culture and biodiversity. We are very fortunate to be able to visit dream places throughout the length and breadth of this nation. In particular, the Mexican Caribbean area, highlighting Cancun and Riviera Maya, offers fabulous sites worth visiting. We invite you to take a little taste of the destinations you must visit and plan your next trip to Cancun in this paradisiacal region.


Cancun Tours

The jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, a destination that receives millions of tourists every year to enjoy their vacations in Cancun. Its beaches of turquoise blue waters and white sand, its places to go shopping and a nightlife that is famous all over the world stand out. There are many surprises to discover on Cancun tours, Latin America's premier beach destination. Learn more about the destination, so when you travel to Cancun, you'll know everything you can do.

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Riviera Maya Tours

A destination in the Mexican Caribbean that extends from the limits of Cancun to further south to Tulum. On your trip to Riviera Maya, it will stand out as a destination for its great all-inclusive resorts for all tastes, both adults-only options and different hotels for a family trip. In addition, there are endless Riviera Maya tours to explore the sea and the jungle in new adventures. Learn more about the destination, so when you choose your packages to Riviera Maya you know everything that is waiting for you.

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Riviera Maya

Isla Mujeres Tours

Facing the Cancun coast and only a few miles away, there is a majestic, peaceful spot to rest. Isla Mujeres outstands for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful calm waters beaches. Punta Norte has many places to enjoy during the day, while the southern tip of the island has Pre-Hispanic remains and natural cliffs. Remember to stay a little bit longer to get delighted by a spectacular sunset.

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Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Tours

Once a fishermen’s village, Playa del Carmen quickly became a top beach destination around the world. Here, there is vibrant nightlife, the famous Fifth Avenue for shopping, and great beach clubs to attend unforgettable parties. Also, this beach destination always has something new to do. What are you waiting for?

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Cozumel Tours

Also known as the Swallows Island, Cozumel is the largest inhabited island of Mexico. This destination is famous all around the globe due to its spectacular coral reefs and each year, thousands of scuba divers arrive to the island for having fantastic moments admiring the natural beauty of Mexico. Cozumel is also a peaceful place to taste the typical Caribbean flavor and fully enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

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Tulum Tours

Tulum is the trendiest destination among the rich and famous, besides being home for an spectacular archaeological site facing the Caribbean Sea. Most of the hotels of Tulum have a peaceful atmosphere and in many of them, beach parties take place. The surroundings of this beach destination have many options to dip into the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

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What to do in Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo is one of the youngest states of Mexico. It offers a wide variety of hotels for every taste and has some of the most astounding hidden jewels in the Caribbean. From the relaxing ambiance at Holbox to places of great beauty such as the Bacalar Lagoon, which provides a remarkable view.

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What to do in Mexico

Mexico is a privileged country due to its geographical location and ecosystem diversity. It has thousands of miles of coast, an enormous cultural offer, archaeological sites which are famous around the globe, and of course, a renowned cuisine in many latitudes. Discovering Mexico is getting in love with its traditions, people, and astounding places.

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About Cancun

There are many factors to consider when it comes to determine the price of a tour. You can choose the one you like best for your vacation here: and see which one fits your budget. There are adventure tours, nature tours, cenotes, archaeological sites and much more.
It depends on your type of admission. There are four optiuons to visit: Xcaret Full Day, Xcaret Plus, Xcaret Total and Xcaret by Night. Click here to find out what each one includes Also, you can add transportation regardless of the ticket you have chosen.
There are two tour options to visit one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World: Xichén Classic and Xichén Deluxe. Both take you from Cancun to Chichén Itzá round trip and include meals, but each one has special activities that make them different. Choose the tour to Chichén Itzá that best suits your style:
There are options for every taste during your vacation. Check them out and decide which is the best tour in Cancun for you. Looking for adventure? Xplor, Xplor Fuego and Xavage will satisfy your desire for thrills and excitement. Contact with nature? Xcaret and Xel-Ha have it in every corner. Archaeological sites? Xichén and Tulum will amaze you. Fantastic scenarios? Xenses is the one. Discover the four types of cenotes that exist? The Xenotes tour takes you. Party with live music and open bar? Xoximilco has your ambiance.
There are many options of tours in Cancun that take you to enjoy the best attributes of the destination: the Caribbean Sea, the jungle, cenotes, archaeological sites, underground rivers, among many others. You decide what wonders of Cancun you want to discover.
All year round is an excellent time to visit Cancun. There is sunshine in the destination, on average, between 240 and 253 days a year, especially from February to May, which is not the rainy season. As for the cold, from December to January, temperatures can drop to 66° Fahrenheit (19° Celsius), which does not stop you from enjoying the sea, tours and parks of the destination.
There are two low seasons in Cancun: from January to March (until before the beginning of spring break) and from September to November. During those months there will be less people in the excursions, hotels and in general in all tourist areas, compared to summer, spring break and Easter, as well as in December which are the high seasons in Cancun.
A lot of days, since there are plenty of things to do in Cancun, the obvious ones are getting to know the different beaches, spending days or nights partying. But due to its location, it is close to many other incredible and out of the ordinary places: archaeological sites, cenotes, adventure, natural and water parks; swimming with dolphins and manatees, scuba diving and snorkeling. You can learn more here.

About Riviera Maya

To get an idea of how much Riviera Maya tours cost and what each one includes, visit Here you will find a price comparison of 17 tours that take you to enjoy the beauties of the Riviera Maya.
It all depends on the mood you are in during your Riviera Maya vacation. Adventure, cenotes, shows, Pre-Hispanic culture, archaeological sites and much more. Here you will find options to enjoy what this heavenly destination has for you:
All year round is a great time to visit the Riviera Maya. This stunning tourist destination has sunny weather most of the year, its hotels offer exclusivity and less crowds than those in Cancun and Playa del Carmen during high season, and the winters are mild.
The Riviera Maya starts in Puerto Morelos which is only 35 km from Cancun. However, it has an extension of 210 km, so technically the beginning is only 30 minutes away, but the end is more than two hours away by car. We recommend you to locate very well the place within the Riviera Maya to calculate your time.
The attractions of the destinations are characteristic and very similar: white sandy beaches, the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea, a climate with sunshine almost all year round and many hotels for all preferences. If you are looking for a destination where the beach, shopping, nightclubs, restaurants, all-inclusive hotels, and activities are within close proximity, Cancun is ideal. If you prefer large hotels, the jungle all around you, with many destinations within a short distance such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Akumal, your destination is Riviera Maya.
There are options for every taste during your vacation. Get to know them and decide which is the best tour in Cancun for you. Looking for adventure? Xplor, Xplor Fuego and Xavage will satisfy your desire for thrills and excitement. Contact with nature? Xcaret and Xel-Ha have it on every corner. Archaeological sites? Xichén and Tulum will amaze you. Fantastic scenerios? Xenses is the one. Know the four types of cenotes that exist? The Xenotes tour takes you there. Party with live music and open bar? Xoximilco has your ambiance.
You can take a tour to different parks in Riviera Maya, see which one is better for you and your kids: Xcaret and Xel-Ha have no age limitations, children of any age can enter, and the best thing is that children under 4 years old enter for free and children from 5 to 11 years have 25% off from the adult price, they also have activities exclusively for them. Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco and Xenses also have activities for children, although with an age limit of 5 years old to enter. The tours to Chichén Itzá and Tulum have no age limit; the Xenotes Tour has an age limit of 6 years old.