What is Xenses Park?

Xenses is a surprising half-day Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen park out of the ordinary, where imagination has no limits. With two paths of activities and fantastic scenarios, you will learn the funniest way to use your senses. It is an excellent choice for kids and grown-ups to expand their horizons in an original, fun way.

Open up your senses at fun parks in Mexico

Tune them in Xenses park, Mexico with two paths and more than 50 fantastic scenarios that will play with your perception. Walk through a village that will test your balance, explore different ecosystems in complete darkness, ride a waterslide that flows into the refreshing waters of a cave, fly like a bird on a zip line, float on a river of saline water, or relax in a warm river of clay.

Path of Feeling, a matter of logic

In this path you can give your sight a rest and trust in all your other senses, so they can guide you. You will discover that sometimes logic is more necessary than sight or what in some occasions, can surprise you beyond of your thinking. From a total darkness experience to visit an outstanding garden, are there for you to discover the Path of Feeling. A different kind of Playa del Carmen tourism for your next vacations.

Path of Doing, loose perception

A Xenses park path where your senses will be put to the test and your sensations will expand in a way you have never imagine before. Tour around an original Town where you won’t know if going up or down since gravity is being defied at each step, or completely relax by two different rivers to exit total renewed.

Ready to live the craziest times at Xenses Park?

Besides enjoying two spectacular paths, you can have fun at the more than 50 fantastic scenarios where your sight will be put to the test and are perfect to take great pictures. Interact at these locations and enjoy this marvelous half-day park in Playa del Carmen.