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Xenotes Price

Xenotes Price

Xenotes Admission

Xenotes Admission

Facilities and Services at Xenotes

Facilities and Services at Xenotes

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Xenotes Activities

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Xenotes Promotions

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Xenotes Packages

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Additional Information

Xenotes Price

What is the price of the Xenotes Tour?

The price of the Xenotes Tour is available here with departures Monday to Saturday. You can also find it combined in packages with other Parks or Tours.

What does the picnic at Xenotes include?

The picnic at Xenotes Tour includes: vegetable soup, cold cuts bar and premium cheeses, served with a variety of rustic breads and dressings, to prepare your own sandwiches accompanied with salads. It also includes coffee, chocolate, sweet bread and oatmeal cookies, non-alcoholic beverages (water and soft drinks) and seasonal fruits at the end of the first cenote.

If you are allergic to any ingredient you can notify Customer Service at customerservice@xcaret.com to prepare an alternative especially for you (menu subject to change without prior notice).

How can I get the best price for Xcaret?

We recommend you to check our seasonal promotions and purchase your admissions with 21 days or more in advance to get a 15% discount.

Xenotes Admission

Does the entrance to Xenotes include transportation?

Yes, transportation on the Xenotes Tour is included. Pickup is from your hotel and there will be a guide with you during the visit to all the cenotes.

What happens if I cannot take my printed coupon?

It is not necessary to print your coupon to enter the park. You only have to show your purchase coupon and an official I.D. of the visitors and the coupon’s holder.

Can I show my purchase coupon on a tablet or mobile instead of a printed one?

Yes, you can present your digital coupon to the Xenotes tour operator before boarding the vehicle with an official I.D. with photograph.

Facilities and Services at Xenotes

What are the Xenotes hours?

Xenotes Tour is available from Monday to Saturday and has a duration of about 9 hours, including transfers.

What recommendations to visit Xenotes do you have?

Among the recommendations for the Xenotes Tour, we can highlight bringing a swimsuit, water shoes, Bermuda shorts, a T-shirt and a change of clothes. The tour includes a towel, however, we recommend that you bring another.

Can I enter with food or beverages to Xenotes?

Food or beverages are not allowed on the tour, however, a delicious picnic in the middle of the jungle is included that you can accompany with a glass of wine or beer, as well as soft drinks or water.

Can I enter with my baby food?

It is not a tour recommended for children under 6 years of age.

How to get to Xenotes?

Xenotes Tour takes place in the area known as Ruta de los Cenotes and due to its characteristics, it is not a park but a tour of cenotes separated from each other. Transportation from your hotel is included in the tour.

Are there restrooms where I can change clothes?

Yes, we have restrooms, showers and dressing rooms.

Are there lockers in Xenotes available?

No, since it is a tour where you visit four different types of cenotes, there are no lockers in Xenotes available. Your belongings are kept inside the van used for transfers.

Can I use any type of sunscreen or sunblock at Xenotes?

No, we ask you to only use sunscreen and sunblock containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide at the park. Help us minimize the environment impact by using products without chemicals.

What is the clothing and footwear recommended for the Xenotes Tour?

The footwear recommended for the Xenotes Tour is water shoes. You should bring a swimsuit, shorts, a t-shirt and a change of clothes for the end of the tour. Although it includes a towel, we recommend you bring another one.

Xenotes Activities

How many cenotes do we visit at the Xenotes Tour?

During the tour you will visit four different types of cenotes with different activities in each. Get ready for the remarkable Xenotes Tour.

How much time is spent in each cenote at Xenotes?

The time spend in each cenote is approximately 45 minutes, for you to enjoy the different activities. Transfers between cenotes are by van.

What are the activities in each cenote at Xenotes Tour?

The activities in each cenote at Xenotes Tour are:

At Lu’um (cavern cenote) you will perform assisted rappel, float in the cenote and admire incredible rock formations.

At Ha’ (semi-open cenote) you will kayak and explore the aquatic world of a cenote by swimming.

At Iik’ (ancient cenote) you will dive into the cenotes from two zip-lines and cliff jump into its waters.

At K’áak’ (open cenote) you will glide on zip-lines, go down on a water slide, swim and relax on an inner tube.

All activities are conducted in cenotes so we recommend wearing water shoes and a life jacket.

Xenotes Promotions

Where can I get discount coupons for Xenotes?

We recommend you to visit our deals section at Seasonal Promotions webpage.

Xenotes Packages

What are the Xenotes Packages?

You can purchase your Xenotes Tour in package with other parks and tours by Grupo Xcaret. Choose the one that best fits you at the Xenotes packages section and get an additional discount when purchase in a package.

Additional Information

Can I take the Xenotes Tour at this moment?

Yes, Xenotes operates from Monday to Saturday, including holidays. We hope to see you very soon and make your day an unforgettable moment.

What do I need to book my Archaeological Tour?

If you are ready to purchase the Xenotes Tour, choose the date of visit, add how many adults and children under 12 years old are coming with you. For your payment, you can use your credit card or PayPal account to then receive your purchase confirmation and coupon by email to present it with an official I.D. the day of your visit.