What is Xplor Fuego?

Xplor Fuego is the only unlimited nighttime adventure in the Riviera Maya and Cancun, an outstanding park that opens as the sun goes down for you to live an evening full of emotions and fantastic moments. Be part of an adventure full of adrenaline while exploring the jungle at night! Live this exciting experience in the depths of the jungle.

Admire from above

See the amazing view of the jungle under the starlight in the only nocturnal zip lines in the Riviera Maya. At nightfall, when the jungle comes to life, let the torches light your way to an unforgettable adventure through the park’s trails while having great moments with your relatives. A hard to forget night adventure.

Immerse yourself in Stalactite Rivers

Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of an underground river and discover the interior of the planet in spectacular scenery surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. The landscape while take your breath away, since the rock formations are part of a water filtration that takes centuries or millenniums to get these scenarios. You can also tour by the underground rivers paddling a raft with your hands.

Have fun, feel the fire

Be amazed by the ambience of the jungle lit by torches, while you drive an amphibious vehicle through hanging bridges and flooded caverns. Cross a surprising circuit by the jungle that will provide memorable times to your vacation in Riviera Maya and Cancun.

Ready to let yourself be carried away by night adventures?

Xplor Fuego is a nighttime adventure that will bring you great moments, and the best way to recover your energies is visiting the buffet with options for everyone.