What is Xenses Insomnia?

Xenses Insomnia is an original night park in the Riviera Maya that offers the best option for family fun. Experience a night out of the ordinary in a park that surprises you with its fantastic scenery and surreal experiences. Through its two incredible paths, you will test your senses and take your imagination to the limit with activities and optical illusions that will make you doubt if you are living a dream.

As night falls, your senses are awakened

At Xenses Insomnia, you will challenge your senses in a dream world where reality blends with imagination. The night gives us an enigmatic atmosphere, and our perception is sharpened by the colors, sounds, and aromas of the jungle. As you walk through the park, you will be amazed by its more than 50 scenarios that will take you to live the madness of daydreaming.

Path of Feeling at Xenses Insomnia

The Path of Feeling connects you with your perception through sensory experiences that will make you doubt your sanity. You will discover a Way of Dwarfs and Giants, where you will be able to take very original pictures and go through a labyrinth. You will also be able to admire an impressive natural environment. You will leave aside your sense of sight and rely entirely on touch, hearing, and smell to cross a mysterious cave in the Xensatorium, an experience you must live.

Xenses Insomnia Path of Doing

The Path of Doing takes you to live a fun and exciting experience; you will glide through the jungle's darkness among fireflies and sparkles in an incredible zip line that honors the Flight of the Owl. Descend between lights and shadows in a slide that will lead you to a natural pool. You will visit a town that challenges gravity and where, between lights and shadows, you will find great surprises.

Experience the craziest night on your trip to Cancun and the Riviera Maya

If you are looking for a night park for teenagers in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Xenses Insomnia is your option. Here, the whole family will live a fun and out-of-the-ordinary night with sensory and surreal experiences that make you doubt if you are living the craziest dream. Its fantastic scenery, optical illusions, and original activities will give a completely different touch to your vacation.