Special Events in Mexico

Some are included if you visit the park on the dates of each event

Discover the magic of the events that take place at the Grupo Xcaret parks, to approach some of the Mexican traditions, its culture, and artistic expressions.

Upcoming events

Enjoy the special events at the Grupo Xcaret parks

Events at Xcaret and sister parks are a source of pride for the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico. Sporting events like Xplor Bravest Race or the Xel-Há Triathlon welcome thousands of competitors each year to continue pushing their limits while enjoying the wonderful scenery of the Riviera Maya.
Also notable are Mexico's cultural traditions, which serve as a reference throughout our country, such as the Festival of Life and Death Traditions, that takes place between October 30th and November 2nd each year, where Xcaret Park welcomes thousands of visitors to honor those who have passed away and celebrate life with concerts, theater performances, dance, and much more.

The Festival de Arte Popular Mexicano at Xcaret welcomes skilled artisans from different parts of the country, showcasing the pride of Mexico. They share their techniques, their outstanding work, and it is also possible to purchase some of the pieces they create.

Furthermore, by reviving Mexican traditions such as the Sacred Journey that ancient inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula used to undertake in pre-Hispanic times to listen to the Oracle of Ixchel in Cozumel and bring back good news to the people. Enjoy the events that Grupo Xcaret prepares with great care year after year!