Pre-Hispanic Performances

Dancing and ceremonies amidst the jungle

Included in your admission

During your visit to Xcaret you will hear the sound of the conch shell at sundown, calling through the jungle. Follow its call and travel to the ancient world of Mexico. Witness dances in a stage surrounded by an underground river and the jungle, under the sacred ceiba tree. Admire performers dancing to the rhythm of powerful drums, between the smoke and the aroma of copal.

Dance of the Owl

If you visit Xcaret between July and the second week of August, or during Christmas and Easter seasons, you will see a nocturnal bird emerging from the darkness of a cave, to tell its story with the Dance of the Owl.

Hours: 16:45 hs.

Duration: 25 min.

Ages: for the whole family.

Location: find it in

Adults (12+ years):

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Children (5-11 years):

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Children from 0 to 4 years of age enter FREE.
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