Xel-Há Cenotes

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Cenotes are natural pools formed due to limestone floor, making one of the greatest attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula and, especially, of the Riviera Maya. As hundreds or perhaps thousands of years pass and due to the erosion, the roof or vault of these bodies of water can collapse, showing the beauty of the cenotes.

At Xel-Há, you can find two cenotes between the jungle by following the trails after the bridge that runs through the River. Xel-Há cenotes receive the names of Paradise and Adventure, fantastic places to get in touch with nature and breathe pure air. Because they are protected areas, they are not open to swimming because we look to preserve the ecosystem. In addition, cenotes were of great relevance among the ancient native settler because they were considered access to the underworld or Xibalbá and a relevant part of the cycle of life.

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