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You will find a wide variety of species during your visit

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Identify a variety of species during your walks through Xcaret, the best eco park in Playa del Carmen. These endemic species are protected by Xcaret’s reproduction and conservation programs.


Flamingos are very striking birds that catch your eye with their bright pink wings, their long legs, and their stylized necks. The southeastern part of Mexico is one of their main nesting areas, thus making Xcaret –Mexico's Majestic Paradise– a perfect habitat for them.

Xcaret has a conservation program for Flamingos, which consists in the rescue of eggs and young in the wild. In addition, there is a reproduction program at the park.

Admire them at the entrance, at the exit of the underground rivers, and at the beach areas. If you are lucky, some days it is possible to see them strolling through the park.


If you follow the Tropical Jungle Trail you’ll arrive at this island , home to howler and spider monkeys, both endangered species. These residents of Xcaret love to spend the day learning new tricks. Help us protect them and keep the balance of their environment!


Near the lagoon, you will find an enigmatic cave, home to hundreds of bats, which are indispensable in nature for seed dispersal, pest control, and in the pollination of flowers. At night, they go out to feed on fruit and insects, and during the day they enjoy the freshness and darkness of their cave.

Enter the cave and find them hanging between cracks and crevices. Just remember not to make too much noise!


Deers are so important in this region that the Yucatan Peninsula is called 'The Land of the Pheasant and the Deer.' These animals symbolize the biological wealth of the southeast, and Xcaret is proud to keep them as very important guests.


Visit the friendly tapirs which are typical species of this region and that are in danger of extinction.

This species is among the few that have maintained the same physical appearance for millions of years. Their most peculiar feature is its muzzle, similar to a small trunk. With it, they easily perceive the scents of the environment, and if you see them eat, you’ll notice that it serves as a kind of hand, helping them to bring fruit to their mouth.

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