Some people spend their lives searching for a new adventure, but you’re in luck... it has found you! Xcaret Adventure is the largest offer of adventure tourism in Mexico. With over 20 activities and three adventure parks in Cancun and Riviera Maya, it becomes a destination by itself. Three days (and nights) of thrilling activities, spectacular scenarios, and experiences you will not find anywhere else.

Adventure Parks in Cancun


From above the treetops, through the Maya jungle and into the Earth’s underground caverns. No wonder it’s the most visited zip-line park in the entire world... its spectacular scenarios are the perfect stage for adventure. This all-inclusive adventure park lets you choose your path through Riviera Maya.

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 Xplor zip-lines
Stalactitie River Xplor Fuego


As the night falls over Riviera Maya, the action continues with the only unlimited nighttime adventure. Let the flames guide your way in the torch-lit jungle. At Xplor Fuego you’ll be able to test your limits, adventure-wise and food-wise! As an all-inclusive park, you’ll find a smoothie and snack station and, of course the spectacular buffet.

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The new park in Cancun, Xavage by Xcaret features great emotions in activities that are unique in the destination like Rafting or driving a Monster Truck through an off-road circuit full of obstacles. Also, you can choose the All-Inclusive option to enjoy unlimited times all the activities, plus a delicious buffet lunch. Are you ready for adventure?

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Rafting at Xavage

What is Adventure Tourism?

Adventure Tourism is a way to explore destinations where natural environments give the opportunity to do activities to feel the adrenaline pumping with the excitement of an emotional and physical challenge.

Whether in mountains, whitewater rapids, the sea, volcanos, heights, there are new ways to discover unexplored places, always with respect and care for the environment. Adventure travel is an excellent way to prove to yourself you can do anything.

Adventure Tourism in Mexico

Ecosystem diversity, natural richness and location make of Mexico the ideal place for adventure tourism.
There are several states in Mexico that standout to experience adventure: at Chihuahua you will find the Sierra Madre Occidental (hills, canyons and more) with a lot of ways to explore it; at San Luis Potosi, tropical jungle and high desserts; but without a doubt, the Yucatan Peninsula is a highlight for adventure travel due to its abundance of environments and natural landscapes, as well as adventure theme parks, Xplor, Xplor Fuego and Xavage, which gather plenty activities so you can do them in one place.

Test your skills surrounded by unique natural scenery in the adventure activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

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