Facilities and Services

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At Xcaret park you will find everything you need to make the most of your visit. We have at your disposal rental of lockers, towels, wheelchairs, strollers and snorkel gear.

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Shop beautiful handicrafts and necessities at any of the stores or carts strategically located throughout the park.

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Share your experience in Xcaret! There is free Wi-Fi at the Main Plaza and at Plus Areas.

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If you or any of your companions require special attention, please contact our Customer Service Center or go to Visitor Services booth at the moment of your arrival. Let us help you plan your day and tours, as some routes are not wheelchair accessible. The rental service for wheelchairs and strollers is from 8:30 am, until the park's closing.

Map for people with disabilities

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If you need cash, there are ATMs located in the Main Plaza, at the park’s entrance.

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Showers and restrooms

Included with your admission
There are several clean and comfortable restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms distributed throughout the park. If you don’t bring a towel, you can rent or buy one at the park.