Scenic Tower

Admire Xcaret´s nature from above!

Witness to a panoramic view of Xcaret Park and the beautiful Caribbean Sea from the Rotating Scenic Tower. Located just a few steps from the Gran Tlachco Theater, this popular attraction invites you to soar the sky and admire Xcaret from the highest point of the Riviera Maya. A memorable sight!

The Scenic Tower at Xcaret has the ability to rise to a height of 80 meters and thanks to its 360 degree rotation, you can admire the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya and Cozumel Island on the horizon. You will also be able to distinguish attractions like the Gran Tlachco Theater, the Mayan Ball Game and the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. The cove, the beach, the rivers, and lagoon are also included in this extraordinary landscape.

A unique view of paradise!

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