Nature Lovers Xcaret

Butterfly Pavilion

Visit Xcaret Nature Park to witness one of the greatest spectacles of nature! In our great Butterfly Pavilion you will find countless...

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An intense and colorful plumage welcomes you to the Aviary in Xcaret, a natural sanctuary where birds interact freely; come take a journey...

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Coral Reef Aquarium

Now you can explore the colorful coral reefs visiting the Aquarium in Xcaret and discover the natural treasures of the Caribbean Sea!...

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Look around and marvel at the diversity of orchids in our greenhouse, enjoy a tour of an attractive mosaic of colors, textures and aromas...

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Marine Turtles

Turtles are one of the most cherished and admired animals in the Mexican Caribbean and Xcaret; this ancient species has a long history...

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Jaguar Island

These impressive inhabitants of Xcaret Park can be found on an island located in the midst of the Mayan jungle and crystal clear rivers....

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From May 29th, 2018, until further notice, Jaguar Island will remain closed due to maintenance works.

Manatee Lagoon

Manatees are mammals that live mainly in water bodies such as rivers, lagoons and mangroves. This is why Xcaret Lagoon is home...

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Regional Wildlife

The Mexican Caribbean is a land where nature is manifested in a colorful and vibrant manner, and the jungle and rivers of Xcaret...

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Tropical Jungle Trail

For those looking for a meditation space where they can be fully integrated with nature, the Tropical Jungle Trail at Xcaret is the ideal...

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Paradise River

We present a different option to enjoy the rivers of Xcaret and discover its stunning nature from the comfort of a small raft. Sail through...

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Underground Rivers

The Underground Rivers at Xcaret Park are part of a natural network of channels which circulate under the Yucatan Peninsula. Live the experience of being...

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Acuatic Paradise

The Mexican Caribbean is famous for its white sand beaches and turquoise colors of its sea; we invite you to discover the culture and nature of Mexico and to...

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