Mexico Destinations

Mexico is a beautiful country with a striking culture and large-scale biodiversity. We have the great fortune of housing astounding beautiful sites and landscapes throughout the country. Specifically, the Mexican Caribbean area features fabulous places to visit. We invite you to have a little taste of the Mexico destinations you can discover to start planning your upcoming vacations to this paradise.



Cancun Tours

Cancun is a beach destination that welcomes millions of visitors every year, and it is considered the crown jewel of the Mexican Caribbean. Its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters outstand, plus the shopping malls and world-famous nightlife. There are always many surprises in Cancun to discover, which remains the top beach destination in Latin America.

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Riviera Maya

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Tours

Facing the Cancun coast and only a few miles away, there is a majestic, peaceful spot to rest. Isla Mujeres outstands for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful calm waters beaches. Punta Norte has many places to enjoy during the day, while the southern tip of the island has Maya remains and natural cliffs. Remember to stay a little bit longer to get delighted by a spectacular sunset.

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Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Tours

Once a fishermen’s village, Playa del Carmen quickly became a top beach destination around the world. Here, there is vibrant nightlife, the famous Fifth Avenue for shopping, and great beach clubs to attend unforgettable parties. Also, this beach destination always has something new to do. What are you waiting for?

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Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Tours

The Riviera Maya is a beach destination in the Mexican Caribbean that covers dozens of miles from the limits of Cancun until south of Tulum. It features its astounding all-inclusive resorts for every taste, even adult-only options or family-oriented hotels. Also, Riviera Maya offers many activities to explore the sea and jungle through new, thrilling adventures.

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Cozumel Tours

Also known as the Swallows Island, Cozumel is the largest inhabited island of Mexico. This destination is famous all around the globe due to its spectacular coral reefs and each year, thousands of scuba divers arrive to the island for having fantastic moments admiring the natural beauty of Mexico. Cozumel is also a peaceful place to taste the typical Caribbean flavor and fully enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

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Tulum is the trendiest destination among the rich and famous, besides being home for an spectacular Maya archaeological site facing the Caribbean Sea. Most of the hotels of Tulum have a peaceful atmosphere and in many of them, beach parties take place. The surroundings of this beach destination have many options to dip into the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

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Quintana Roo

What to do in Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo is one of the youngest states of Mexico. It offers a wide variety of hotels for every taste and has some of the most astounding hidden jewels in the Caribbean. From the relaxing ambiance at Holbox to places of great beauty such as the Bacalar Lagoon, which provides a remarkable view.

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What to do in Mexico

Mexico is a privileged country due to its geographical location and ecosystem diversity. It has thousands of miles of coast, an enormous cultural offer, archaeological sites which are famous around the globe, and of course, a renowned cuisine in many latitudes. Discovering Mexico is getting in love with its traditions, people, and astounding places.

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