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Xcaret Days: deals in Cancun and Rivera Maya

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What are Xcaret Days?

The Xcaret Days happen once a year and they bring great promotions and discounts for the most fun parks and tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Make the most of your next vacation by purchasing during the Xcaret Days.
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Xcaret deals all year round

Learn about all the promotions available at Xcaret parks and tours.
At Xcaret have fun in more than 50 natural and cultural attractions; at Xel-Há go snorkeling in Cancun in an inlet that flows into the Caribbean Sea; at Xplor, adventure awaits you in amphibious vehicles, stalactite rivers, zip- lines, during the day or night; at Xoximilco the night shows you the fun of live music and open bar on board Mexican gondolas; at Xenses, you will face a more fun reality with the fantastic scenarios of the park; in Xavage, the only white water rapids in Cancun will test your adventurous spirit; in the Xenotes Tour, you will enjoy adventure activities in the four types of cenotes that exist; and with the archaeological tours, be amazed with ancient legacy at Chichén Itzá, Cobá or Tulum.

Xcaret Days are over, but Xcaret promotions are not!

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