Underground Rivers

Swim and refresh yourself in the underground rivers of Xcaret!

The Underground Rivers at Xcaret Park are part of a natural network of channels which circulate under the Yucatan Peninsula. Live the experience of being driven by freshwater streams! Decide if you want to explore the Blue River, Maya River or Manatee River, the three rivers of Xcaret flow to the ocean, next to mangroves inhabited by pink flamingos. Undoubtedly, this is a natural treasure that you should enjoy.

This activity is for the whole family and has the comfort of a lifejacket and snorkel*, with which you can float gently and clearly observe ancient Mayan cenotes, rock formations and marine fossils. Xcaret's underground rivers are composed of a labyrinth of caves and tunnels that are illuminated by natural light entries and extend for about 600 meters with a depth of 1.60 meters. Encounter this ancient wonder of nature, unique in Mexico and the world.

Experience nature’s greatest treasures at Xcaret!

*The snorkeling gear has a rental cost of $10 USD (requires a refundable deposit of $20 USD). If your admission has food included, snorkeling gear is without additional cost. Only requires a refundable deposit of $10 USD.





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