Regional Wildlife

The wildlife of the region is in every corner of Xcaret

The Mexican Caribbean is a land where nature is manifested in a colorful and vibrant manner, and the jungle and rivers of Xcaret cave are home to the most representative fauna of this area. We invite you to get to know the animals of the region and visit them in their natural environments!


Flamingos are very colorful birds that are distinguished by different shades of bright pink on their wings, one of the most charismatic species at Xcaret Park! Southeastern Mexico is one of their main nesting areas, so many of them enjoy paradise at Xcaret. Admire Flamingos at three different points in the Park: at the entrance, at the Underground Rivers exit and at the beach area.
Xcaret has a conservation program protecting eggs and hatchlings in the wild, and a reproduction program in the Park.

Monkey Island

The Monkey Island is located across the jungle trails of Xcaret Nature Park, find them and admire their acrobatic moves in a beautiful natural setting! The spider and howler monkeys are residents of Xcaret and both species are endangered, help us protect them and maintain balance in their environment.

Bat Cave

Near the lagoon and in the midst of the Mayan jungle, there is an enigmatic cave that serves as home to the bats of Xcaret, which have an important role in the ecosystem as they regulate insect populations. Visit Xcaret Nature Park and dare to enter the depths of the bat cave; try to find the bats hanging from the ceiling and remember not to make too much noise!

Deer Shelter

The importance of deer in the Yucatan Peninula is so great that it has been named "The Land of Pheasant and Deer" due to the abundance of these species the region once boasted. This animal symbolizes the biological and cultural richness of the southeastern region and Xcaret is proud to have it as one of its honored guest. Get to know them close up!

Tapir’s Territory

We present a charismatic couple who wins admirers every day in Xcaret. "Poloc" which means chubby in Maya, is a friendly male tapir who is companion to "Lolha" a female tapir that also inhabits the jungle of Xcaret. Together, they guard a beautiful area that you can visit to get caught by their unique charm!

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