Mayan Village

Step into the grounds of a traditional Mayan village!

Walk through the abundant jungle of Xcaret and enter an ancient Mayan Village. This is a journey into the past where you can integrate into the daily life of an ancient community, learn about their way of life, social organization, how they build their homes, and what they eat. Go through caves, trails and bridges to reach this corner of Xcaret Park where you can also find crafts of the region and learn about their creative process directly from Mayan artisans.

Dance of the Mayan Village

Among underground rivers and a captivating Mayan Village there is a ritual that will transport you to the splendor of the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico. Everything begins with the sound of a conch, then drums and rattles accompany the dancers in a performance like no other. Visit the Mayan Village to enjoy the native music and dances of Mexico!

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