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Visit Xcaret to discover the legacy of the Mayan culture!

Xcaret Park, which in Maya means "small inlet", was originally called Ppolé and was an important Mayan archaeological site dedicated to maritime trade. This ceremonial center was a shipping port to other communities along the coast, and its inlet served as a starting point for Mayan oarsmen that rowed to the island of Cozumel to worship the goddess of the moon, Ixchel.

Xcaret rose to the height of its power in the Late Classic Period (1400-1517 AD) and is comprised of four groups of structures that may be located along its territory. Turn your visit to Xcaret into an archaeological adventure and discover, one by one, the different pyramids that are hidden in the natural scenery of the Park. Get to know the legacy of the Mayan culture in Xcaret and enjoy the experience of a land considered paradise on earth by the ancient Maya!

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