Jaguar Island

The majestic jaguar, symbol of the Mayan jungle!

These impressive inhabitants of Xcaret Park can be found on an island located in the midst of the Mayan jungle and crystal clear rivers. The jaguars in Xcaret are always attentive to any movement and its strong presence can be felt while visiting their territory!

The Jaguar is the largest cat in the American continent and has been widely represented in artistic expressions of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations through painting, sculpture, architecture and ceramics. The jaguar in Mayan culture was a supernatural entity called "Balam", symbolizing leadership, power and war, and was also associated with the underworld and the night.

Very close to the jaguars you will find the island of the pumas, another amazing species that live among the leafy trees of the jungle. Their home is located in the middle of the park, the central point of a reign that you will meet during your visit to Xcaret ecological park.

A close encounter with the jaguars!

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