Mexican Cemetery

Profound respect combined with a touch of humor!

Discover the trails of the Mexican Cemetery at Xcaret where ancestors are remembered with respect and a little humor too. With typical Mexican mischief come step into the Bridge of Paradise!

Explore spiral architecture that reveals a large number of tombs and expressive personalities. There are multiple passages and entrances to the cemetery, but we assure you that there will always be something that will surprise you ... do not be afraid! This is a place of great value to the Mexican culture and its relationship with the traditional Day of the Dead.

Bridge to Paradise

This unique architectural work has a special significance that simulates a hill with seven levels, referring to the days of the week. On the outside you can find 365 graves that symbolize each day of the year, and finally at the main entrance is a staircase with 52 steps representing the weeks. Additionally, its spiral shape refers to a conch shell, as used in ancient times to communicate with the gods through their breath, the wind.

But that's not all! There is another spiral inside the cemetery with 365 niches. There the water runs through special canals from the top to the cross at the bottom, creating a cascading effect that invites peaceful relaxation.

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